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When Others Say You Can’t!

Charles LyonsHow many times have you felt frustrated and held back? How many times have you known that you were fully capable of an opportunity that you missed out on. Far too often I suspect.

It is very easy for people to fail to move forward just because they get a label or because in their organization they are not viewed as the “creative person.” Worst of all, have you kept yourself back just because you never did it before? You may have a passion that you have never followed. You may have a dream you were afraid to share. It is time to step up to the challenge of finding and following what God can do through you!

I am a Christian Writer, Speaker and yes a pastor. The difference between success in your dream and failure is often preparation and confidence. You can prepare and with preparation, gain confidence from repeated and greater success. Please follow me as I try to share with you about writing, about what God can do and best of all the opportunities you have before you.

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