Are You Free If You Have To Ask Others Permission To Be Free?

The Britons Voted A Vote For Freedom

British_isles_eezsThis morning, USA time, we are hearing of the many people of Britain who are in fear of what will come next now that they have voted to pull out of the European Union. At the same time, others are jubilant over what has happened. Some are harboring the fear that there will be loss of jobs, loss of health care, loss of food and prosperity. At the same time, others are asking what jobs, what health care, and pondering: this is prosperity?

How Do I View It?

It has been a long time since I have felt such genuine pride for the people of Britain. Regardless of your view on the matter, they voted in mass expressing their opinions about the course of their future. Some have said that many of the younger people voted a vote of protest not expecting the passage to succeed. They learned there is power in the vote. A lesson they will not only live with but also hopefully feel empowered by. Future votes should be taken seriously.

They, the Britons, said enough we are an independent people with our own views, perspective and right to rule their destiny. They can protect their borders and yes, that includes immigration. The pound shimmied today it did not fail. The people are nervous today, that is ok, they have a challenging future ahead of them but it is their future. That is important.

Were They Already A Free People?

By most “experts” and “analysts” opinions, the Britons will need about two years to graciously back out of the European Union. Are you a free people if you have to ask permission to back out of a room? Are you a free country if you have to take two years to back out of a union?

Even if it takes two years, the people of Britain should feel good about their freedom. They went to the polls in one day and voted to be free. We had to fight a war to achieve it.

Pray, be faithful and trust God always!



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