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Thank you for joining us on the “Ask The Pastor Now” site. Each Thursday night at 7:30 PM Central Time you can join Charles Lyons and Jim Simmons for an hour of Bible Study and more. We are ready to take your calls and get your questions on a variety of Bible topics. In addition, we often have special guests who are some of the most fascinating people in cinema, writing, publishing and various other professional fields.

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What To Do When You Feel DISCOURAGED

IMG_0043Jim Simmons is upbeat, positive and inquisitive. He comes to the broadcast as a successful business professional and a Godly man who loves the Bible and his Lord. He has been reading the Bible through each year since 1995.

Charles LyonsDr. Charles Lyons leads a call center that handles over 23,000 calls for prayer each year.  In addition to his role as a pastor, he is the author of two books and thousands of articles. He has a passion for the Word of God and communicating the Gospel to others.