Losing Your Head

Losing Your Head Without Losing Your Mind brings attention to perhaps the most neglected figure in Scripture. More than just an overview of one man’s life, the book snatches away great moments of his character and makes practical applications for the reader. The reader is initially tempted to see John, the main character of the book, as a man from another time in history. Yet quickly we begin to discover that he faced challenges and decisions that you and I confront in the 21st century. With uncommon wisdom and valor we find here examples and lessons we can apply today.

Why a book about John the Baptist?

Jesus Christ recognized John the Baptist as a very special person. With an endorsement like that he is worthy of learning more about. In addition, although he lived during the Roman Empire, he faced issues that you and I deal with today. John took a difficult stand that came with life threatening consequences. If you are Christian in the day in which we live, your decisions will dramatically impact your testimony, often your job and family as well.
It is definitely worth taking a look at the life of John the Baptist. Lessons that he demonstrated are lessons we can apply and benefit from. The more you learn about John the more you will identify with him. The lessons are strong and powerful and definitely worth making a part of your life.

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Consider this application:

Application # 8
(from the book, Losing Your Head Without Losing Your Mind!)

Be prepared to deal with difficult issues. John’s life truly epitomizes the value and strength that is found in having strong standards and integrity in a life. The absence of these in the life of a church member has serious repercussions in the life of their local church. We easily see that one person of negativity or foul attitude can disrupt the best group of people. Yet for some reason we seem reticent to recognize the influence that one truly committed positive person of faith can have.

(This portion was used by permission from the book, “Losing Your Head Without Losing Your Mind!”)
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